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Want to hire Java Developer for developing your custom, feature-rich secure web or software-based solutions?Aglowid holds a strong portfolio in providing the Best Java Developers who are available for hire in dedicated Developers’ model. Hiring our Trusted Java Experts to scale up your team assure you that each & every vetted developer is a certified Java practitioner ready to uplift your development process.

  • Expertise in Top ORM Frameworks like Spring, Sturts, Hibernate
  • Strong hold on Core Java, Advance Java, J2EE, J2ME
  • Well Versed with Jboss, Tomcat, GlassFish & other Server applications
  • Skilled in Web, Mobile & Desktop software applications
  • Familiar with testing tools such as JMeter, Junit

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Hire Dedicated Java Developers as Per Experience

Have a complex Java project that you need a project manager to handle? Or are you looking for an additional Java talent that can contribute to your Java Development Team for finishing the project faster? Whatever your requirements, we have dedicated Java Developer of every experience level for hire.


Senior Java Developer

  • 4+ Years of Java Experience

  • 5-6 Project Managed

  • 1200+ Development Hours Completed

  • Suitable for General Level Projects


Full-Stack Java Developer

  • 5-8 Years of Java Experience

  • 8-10 Project Managed

  • 1400+ Development Hours Completed

  • Suitable for General Level Projects


Java Project Manager

  • 8+ Years of Java Experience

  • 10-12 Project Managed

  • 1800+ Development Hours Completed

  • Suitable for General Level Projects

Skilled Full Stack Java Developers,OnDemand

Hire core Java Developers from Aglowid that are proficient in various Java frameworks such as Hibernate, Struts, Spring, Blade and others. Our dedicated Java programmers can also integrate Java with other popular web app frameworks to provide you with a full-stack Java solution.

Docker Java Experts

Hire Java experts from us to dockerize your Java project for easing and speeding up your Java app development process across various environments.

Oracle Java Consultants

Hire Java architects from Aglowid to design and deploy modern, fast, reliable and resilient Java apps by using Oracle JDBC drivers for your custom Java project.

MongoDB Java Professionals

Hire Java programmers from Aglowid to setup a secure database with powerful querying and analytics features by integrating MongoDB in your Java app.

PostgreSQL Java Programmers

Our dedicated Java engineers can easily integrate PostgreSQL in your Java app using the JDBC API to power your Java app with object-oriented database features.

React Java Developers

Create a full-stack Java solution by integrating React on the frontend and Spring Boot on the backend by availing top Java coders for hire from Aglowid.

Hadoop Java Coders

Enable Internet of Things in your Java app by hiring Java professionals from Aglowid who have proven expertise in configuring Hadoop in your Java application.

Angular Java Engineers

Make your robust and secure app more appealing to the users by pairing it with one of the most popular frontend frameworks – Angular, by hiring our Java programmers.

Frameworks Our Java Developer for Hire, Skilled With

Java development is a broad spectrum with many possibilities and varied solutions. If you want to hire Hibernate Developer or hire Struts Developer or other such Java framework specific talent, you can hire remote developers at cost-effective rates from Aglowid. We have a pool of dedicated Java Developers for you to find the right Java talent for your project.

Blade Developer

Hire Blade Developer from Aglowid to leverage the lightweight open-source template engine for creating complex enterprise-grade web apps on Java. Using Blade, we can integrate features of Laravel in your Java project to expand its features.

J2EE Developer

Hire J2EE developer from Aglowid that are proficient in using EJB for J2EE to make use of functions like memory management, threading, security and concurrency in your custom enterprise level Java based web solution.

Spring Boot Developer

Hire Spring Boot Developers from Aglowid to get instant access to professionals in Spring Boot framework and the wide range of Spring Boot development services to power your modern Java based web app solution.

OpenXava Developer

Have an urgent project that requires complex database handling and needs to be launched faster to market? Hire OpenXava developer and augment them in your app Development Team to speed up your Java project completion.

Core Java Developer

Get end-to-end core Java development services by hiring certified Core Java developer from Aglowid who can handle the design, development and complete management of your Java-based web application projects.

Struts Developer

Hire Struts Developer from Aglowid who are experts in Java based services like developing elegant flexible, maintainable & extensible modern web apps, database design, app customization & other enhancements.

Need Multiple Profiles?

Hire Our FullStack Java Developers

From Java packages to entire Production,
our professional Java Engineers possess strong exposure in every segment of development.

Certified Java Developers as per Project Requirements

Starting a new Java Project? Why not to get a free consultation. Book a absolutely free consultation call with our Java consultants to get your Java project development roadmap and hire Java coders as per your custom project requirements.

Starting a new JavaProject

Have an existing Java project that you want to upgrade to the latest Java version, but unsure how to? Hire Java experts from Aglowid for seamlessly upgrading your legacy Java project to the latest Java version without any risk of data loss.

Upgrade LegacyJava Project

Have an existing web app based on other backend frameworks? Want to shift to Java but worried about potential risks and vulnerabilities? Hire Java engineers from Aglowid to make this process effortless and secure.

Migrate to JavaEcosystem

Have an existing Java Development Team, but running short on resources? Hire a Java professional with excellent communication skills from Aglowid and easily onboard them in your team within 48 hours.

Java TeamAugmentation Services

Have an existing Java Development Team, but running short on resources? Hire a Java professional with excellent communication skills from Aglowid and easily onboard them in your team within 48 hours.

Elevate Your Java Team for Just $20/hr

Upgrade your development capabilities with CypexSoft top-tier Java Developers for hire at the most cost-effective rates possible to match your hiring requirements under your determined budget. Hire dedicated Java Developers from Cypexsoft with our flexible hiring model on a Full-Time, Part-Time or Hourly basis.

Hourly Hiring

Start work in 48 hours


8 Hrs/Day

Minimum Days

30 Days



Full Time Hiring

Start work in 72 hours


8 Hrs/Day

Minimum Days

30 Days



Part Time Hiring

Start work in 48 hours


80 Hrs/Day

Minimum Days

30 Days



Services You Can Avail With Offshore Java Programmers

Extend your dev strength with the best pre-vetted Java Talents at Aglowid who can provide you with a diverse range of Java backend solutions. Find and hire Java Developers for any specific niche or requirement. Our dedicated Java coders expertise in -

Custom J2EE/J2ME

Develop high quality scalable and robust enterprise solutions utilizing latest Java technologies based on J2EE/J2ME and other frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, Sturts.

Java CloudDevelopment

Hire proficient Java Cloud Developers with prolonged experience in integrating & managing popular cloud technologies such as AWS based EC2, ElastiCache, DynamoDB, Lambda, Redshift etc.

Java Android Development

Develop a native Android Mobile App with our dedicated Java mobile app developers for hire and get an interactive, secure, scalable, and robust Java based mobile application.

Java iOSDevelopment

Build a secure yet elegant iOS apps based on Java frameworks with our certified Java iOS developer and enjoy the cost-effective smoother native iOS interface experience that appeal your user's interest.

Java APIIntegration

Integrate your existing projects with the powerful, robust APIs. Hire Java API Experts at Aglowid and get the most secured yet robust performance driven APIs for your business project.

Java ConsultingServices

Looking for result-oriented Java Based Solutions? Our Dedicated Senior Java Coders are always there to consult you with any type of Java based query for your project

Java Migration Services

Looking to migrate your existing project to Java? Our Senior Java Architects are well experienced in migrating the existing projects to other platforms without disturbing the existing work.

Java Support / Maintenance / Testing

o ensure a workable project, one needs on-time support for maintenance. Hire Remote Java Developers from us to ensure the workability of your project.

Skills & Abilities of Our Java Developers

At Aglowid, we only hire the top 1% of Java engineers after putting them through a tedious screening and selection process. Our dedicated development team is comprised of professional Java Developers who are not only well-versed in Java development best practices but also possess the necessary skills required for handling Java projects of any complexity. Aglowid Java Developers also consistently stay updated with the latest advancements and skillsets in the Java ecosystem, making them the right choice:


Java Developers Skills

  • Hands-on experience with Core Java
  • Proper understanding of OOPS concepts with exception handling and memory management
  • Experience in working with relational and non-relational databases like MySQL, MongoDB etc
  • Experience in using Java IDE Tools like IntelliJ IDE, Eclipse
  • Understanding of latest project management concepts like SCRUM, Agile, Waterfall
  • Familiarity with Java Libraries
  • Ability and practice in following Java best coding practices


Skills of our Java Developer

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Team Player attitude and ability to interact with teammates
  • Ability to understand and respond to client requirements
  • Important leadership traits such as self-awareness, integrity, empathy, learning agility, respect
  • Ability to accept and act upon constructive criticism
  • Efficient time distribution between various tasks
  • Should stay up-to-date with the latest changes in .NET
  • Experience working in an Agile development environment
  • Experience in using different communication tools

Hire Dedicated Resources

To Build Development Team

Flexible Hiring Models | Cost Effective Rates | No Long-term Lock-Ins

Hire Dedicated Talents

To Scale Development Team

Flexible Hiring Models | Cost Effective Rates | No Long-term Lock-Ins

Tech-Stack Expertise Our Java Developers for Hire Hold

All our professional Java Developers follow all best practices in Java development and have absolute understanding of core Java principles. They also are proficient with many Java development tools available for smoother Java development process.


  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Struts
  • Vaadin
  • Blade
  • JSF


  • Alfresco
  • Magnolia
  • LogicalDOC
  • Asbru
  • OpenCMS
  • Walrus


  • Apache Commons
  • Google Guava
  • Jackson
  • JAXB
  • SLF4J
  • Log4j2


  • Dropwizard
  • MicroProfile
  • Micronaut
  • JHipster
  • Spark
  • Vertx

Cloud Services

  • AWS
  • Heroku
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • OVH


  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • IBM DB2

Unlock the Potential with CypexSoft Java Developers

As a leading IT Company, accredited by esteemed platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms, we're dedicated to delivering extraordinary digital experiences. Our mission? Crafting functional, user-centered apps tailored precisely for your success.Why Choose Us?

  • Swift access to pre-vetted, seasoned Java Developers.
  • Time-zone flexibility ensures seamless collaboration.
  • Flexible Engagement and Hiring Models as per your requirements
  • Customized Engagement and Hiring Models to match your unique needs.
  • Rest easy with complete confidentiality, backed by signed NDAs and full code ownership.
  • Embrace Agile Development methodologies, featuring sprints and transparent Project Updates.
  • Unlock cost-effective talent with our Java Developers, available at a quarter of the market price.
  • Enjoy reliable maintenance and support services post-deployment.
  • Effortless Migration Services streamline transitions for you.

Hire Java Developers Comparison: CypexSoft vs. In-house vs. Freelancers

hire remote developers With Cypexsoft, you're not just hiring developers; you're securing a partnership backed by a signed NDA, complete code ownership, and a Service Level Agreement. It's the perfect blend of expertise and assurance for your Java project. From Cypexsoft and gain access to MCSD-certified Java programmers who adhere to industry-grade management approaches like SCRUM, AGILE, and Waterfall. These developers employ Java development best practices and ensure the timely completion of milestones.

Hiring ModelFull TimeMonthly, Part Time & Full TimeWeekly, Hourly
Time to Get Right Developers4 - 12 weeks1 day - 2 weeks1 - 12 weeks
Time to Start a Project2 - 10 weeks1 day - 2 weeks1 - 10 weeks
Recurring Cost of Training & Benefits$10,000 -$30,00000
Time to Scale Size of the Team4 - 16 weeks48 hours - 1 week1 - 12 weeks
Pricing (weekly average)2.5X1.5X1X
Project Failure RiskLowExtremely low, we have a 98% success ratioVery High
Developers Backed by a Delivery TeamSomeYesNo
Dedicated ResourcesYesYesNo
Shadow ResourceCostlyYesNo
Project ManagerExtra CostMinimal CostNo
Quality Assurance CheckExtra CostAssuredNo
Query SupportHigh24 Hours AssuranceNo
Tools & EnvironmentDepend on TeamHighUncertain
Agile Development MethodologyMay beYesNo
Impact Due to TurnoverHighNoneHigh
Structured Training ProgramsSomeYesNo
Termination CostsHighNoneHigh
Assured Work Rigor40 hrs/week40 hrs/weekNot Sure

Gain the JavaTechnological Edge

Choose Us as Your Java Developers from CypexSoft

Hire Java Developers in 4 Easy Steps

Choose yourEngagement Model

Pick the right engagement model as per your project needs – Full Time, Part Time or Hourly.

Screen & Select.NET Developers

Pick the best candidates from our top Java Developers' Profiles to continue.

Conduct One-on-One Interview

Interview the selected candidate where you can assess their skills via theoretical & practical questions.

Onboard.NET Developers

Now, the selected final candidate will onboard your team within 24–48 hours after final confirmation.

.NET Hiring Guide – How to find and hire .NET developers?

If you are looking to hire a .NET developer or build your .NET development team, you must first know where and how to look for one. This guide will help you find .NET developers who are a perfect match for your project needs and give you important tips and tricks to navigate and re-evaluate your method of assessing a .NET developer for hire. We have broken down the hiring guide in the following sections –

Steps to keep in mind before finding .NET Developers

Before you go on the quest of finding the ideal .NET developer, you should have clarity about –
  1. 1. Your project goals and objectives
  2. 2. Understanding the role of .NET developers or developers in achieving those goals
  3. 3. Determining specific skillsets or integrations needed for your project
  4. 4. Determining the level of expertise needed to achieve those goals
  5. 5. Evaluating your budget constraints and time constraints
  6. 6. Deciding their involvement level- Full-Time, Part-Time, Hourly

How to Find and Hire Skilled .NET Developers or Development Teams?

Once you have answered the question above and discussed it with all the stakeholders, you can begin the hunt to find and hire .NET developers or build your .NET development team. But where do I start looking? We have you covered –

  1. 1. Attend Laravel Conferences, Meetups, and Virtual Events
  2. 2. Make use of networking platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter
  3. 3. Browse freelancing sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Flexiple
  4. 4. Look for ‘.NET Developers Near Me’ on Google
  5. 5. Find remote. NET Development companies online
  6. 6. Search for offshore, remote, and other such keywords

How to Assess .NET Developers' Technical Skills?

This is one of the most important aspects to pay close attention to. The technical expertise of your .NET developer determines their skills and ability to come up with innovative solutions to difficult challenges, optimize cost by providing alternatives to achieve the same goal and know how to integrate .NET with important third-party libraries, packages, and APIs to achieve optimal performance and capabilities. Here are the most important technical skills to look for –

  1. 1. Mastery in C# Programming Language
  2. 2. Expertise in the .NET framework showcasing a deep understanding of the platform
  3. 3. Should have experience developing robust web apps in both - .NET and .NET Core
  4. 4. Should be familiar with Entity Framework for seamless database interactions
  5. 5. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS should be mastered like their most used tools
  6. 6. Need to excel in API development, especially in crafting RESTful APIs
  7. 7. Should exhibit expertise in SQL and database management
  8. 8. The ability to implement dependency injections should come like second nature for ensuring the scalability and maintainability of the code
  9. 9. Should be committed to test-driven development with unit tests ability to utilize .NET testing frameworks such as MSTest and NUnit
  10. 10. Ability to integrate projects with Git and work in collaborative environments
  11. 11. Proficiency in CI/CD Pipelines with tools like Azure DevOps or Jenkins
  12. 12. Should have Docker and Kubernetes as part of their toolkit for containerization and orchestration of their apps
  13. 13. Experience working with various cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or AWS
  14. 14. Seasoned .NET developers should be able to navigate NuGet with ease for selecting and implementing the right packages
  15. 15. Knowledge and mindset about the MVC and MVVM models should be clear
  16. 16. Experience working with ML.NET is important for adding machine-learning capabilities to apps
  17. 17. Should know how to use .NET UI component libraries such as Telerik, Syncfusion, and DevExpress

How to check a .NET Developer’s interpersonal and communication skills?

Next, you need to also know how to check their communication skills as it is equally important. Proper communication skills help developers interact properly with team, understand client requirement and be a better team player. Here are the interpersonal skills a .NET developer should have -

  1. 1. Ability to explain technically complex concepts in simple terms
  2. 2. Inquire about the developer’s experience working in a team environment, ask them if they have worked with in-house teams, remote teams, and other such questions
  3. 3. Request them to showcase documentation samples they have created for a past project
  4. 4. Ask about their past problem-solving experiences and how they communicated and collaborated to solve it
  5. 5. Inquire about their experience working remotely and ask about the communication tools they generally use
  6. 6. If the role involves client interaction, inquire about their experience dealing with and communicating with clients

How to gauge a .NET Developer's cultural fitness?

  1. 1. Ask the potential candidate about their understanding of your company's values and how they align with them
  2. 2. Inquire about past team collaboration experiences, observe how they talk about their team members and their contribution
  3. 3. Understand their preferred communication channel – are they used to regular team meetings, asynchronous communications, or frequent updates
  4. 4. Give them a test task and give them a review criticizing or pointing out areas of.
  5. 5. improvements to see how they take that feedback.
  6. 6. Assess their familiarity with your company by asking what attracted them to your organization and how they see themselves contributing to it.
  7. 7. Ask them to highlight any situations where they took responsibility beyond their roles..
  8. 8. Discuss work-life balance to see if their approach aligns with the company's policies..
  9. 9. Inquire about their ability and experience of working with culturally diverse teams..

How to check for references?

Checking for references is the surest way to ensure the developer's skills, cultural fit, and attitude. Here are some ways you can go about it –

  1. 1. Contact the provided references. Connect with them and inquire about the candidate's performance and work attitude.
  2. 2. Attend Industry Events where you might come across professionals who would have worked with the developer. Ask for their insights.
  3. 3. Consult with professional recruiters as they keep a keen eye on candidates about their history and reputation within the industry.
  4. 4. Check if the employee is on any hiring platforms and review their profile and testimonials about them.

How to make a fair and effective offer?

If things align more or less and you think you have a potential .NET developer you want to hire, you should know how to negotiate and make an offer they feel good about. It is important to be fair here because they would respect that honesty in the longer run if they get selected. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind –

    Conduct proper market research

  1. Find the competitive salary range for the position. Consider location, industry standards, on-site/off-site offers, and candidates' experience.
  2. Internal Equity

  3. Check internal equity by comparing the offered salary to existing salaries with similar roles in your organization.
  4. Transparent Compensation

  5. Break down the components of the overall compensation package, including base salary, bonuses, benefits, and all perks..
  6. Equal Opportunities

  7. Ensure your offer is fair and equal across candidates with similar qualifications. Avoid discriminatory practices..
  8. Non-Monetary Considerations

  9. Focus on non-monetary benefits such as work-life balance, professional development opportunities, and positive work culture.
  10. Timely Offers

  11. Make sure to time your job offer right. Delayed timing may lead to the candidate finalizing in another company.
  12. Personalized Offer

  13. Don't send them a generic offer letter; personalize it to their requests where feasible to show genuine interest..

How to onboard .NET Developers and integrate them into your team?

Onboarding .NET developers would require an effective strategic process that not only familiarizes them with the technical expectations of the job but also integrates them smoothly into the team culture. Here are some inputs you can pick and select from to make them feel welcome –

  1. 1. Send a welcome package with essential information about the company.
  2. 2. Assign a buddy or a mentor..
  3. 3. Introduce them to the team in the first week.
  4. 4. Conduct onboarding sessions covering company policies, procedures, other guidelines
  5. 5. Provide an overview of the tech stack
  6. 6. Familiarise them with ongoing projects
  7. 7. Ensure the developer's coding standards and style align with the team
  8. 8. Pair an experienced developer with the new talent for effective knowledge transfer
  9. 9. Give them accountability and responsibility for smaller tasks
  10. 10. Celebrate their achievements and point out areas of improvements
I. Outline Employment Term
What to IncludeSub-details
Position DetailsJob Title, Job Role, Project Details
Work ScheduleDefined working hours, working days, and leaves entitlement.
LocationOn-site, remote, or a combination of both.
Start DateDefine expected start date
Duration of EmploymentPermanent, Contractual or Temporary
II. Salary and Other Perks
What to IncludeSub-details
SalaryExpected Salary, Frequency of Payment
BenefitsHealth insurance, Retirement Plans, Paid Leaves, Vacation Days & other Perks
Bonuses & IncentivesPerformance Based Bonuses, Employee Referral Incentive and other such monetary perks.
III. Job Contract
What to IncludeSub-details
Job DescriptionDetailed Job Description which includes Key Responsibilities, Expectations and other required skills.
Terms and ConditionsClearly outline the Terms and Condition of Employment. Make sure it includes – Termination Clauses, Probation Duration, NDA and Non-Compete Agreements.
Confidentiality AgreementAdd a confidentiality agreement to protect the company's sensitive information if needed.
Dispute ResolutionSpecify how to resolve a dispute if one ever arises between the employee and employer.
Legal CompliancesMake sure the job contract complies with relevant employment laws and regulations.
IV. Final Steps and Contact Information
What to IncludeSub-details
Test Project/ Pilot TaskProvide topic and submission deadline for any test task (if any).
Legal PaperworkAsk the candidate to provide all important documents to start onboarding.
Contact InformationProvide a PoC – Point of Contact to whom the candidate can reach out if they have any queries.

Hire .NET Developers - Interview Questions

    How does the .NET framework operate?

  1. The .NET framework is a dedicated platform for building, deploying, & running applications. It has a common Stack runtime (CLR) for managing code execution in various Stacks. The framework also has an extensive class library that promotes reusable components that can be used for user interface development, data access, and networking.
  2. Discuss the key elements of the .NET framework.

  3. The CLR is one of the most important elements of the .NET framework. With CLR, a .NET developer can manage app memory, ensure code security, and integrate cross-Stacks. Another important aspect of the .NET framework is the Framework Class Library, also known as FCL. It is a huge repository of reusable classes for applications across different Stacks.
  4. Define EXE and DLL

  5. An EXE is an executable file with an application that can be executed independently. In contrast, DLL refers to Dynamic Link Library, a file containing code and data that can be shared between multiple programs simultaneously. DLL is good for code modularity and reusability.
  6. Provide a detailed explanation of CTS (Common Type System).

  7. CTS or Common Type System can be referred to as a set of standards that defines how types should be declared, used, and managed when working with the .NET framework. It comprises data types, user types, defining conventions, inheritance rules, and object-oriented principles.
  8. Highlight the distinctions between int and Int32.

  9. There is no difference between int and Int32 as both represent a 32-bit signed integer. The only difference is in the naming convention, but they can be changed for each other depending on the coding style.
  10. Elaborate on the variances between value types and reference types.

  11. Value types can store data directly, and each instance creates its copy. Float and int are value types. References, on the other hand, store the references to the actual data. Examples of references include arrays and objects. Since multiple references can point to the same data, it promotes efficient memory usage and code sharing.
  12. Describe role-based security within the context of. NET.

  13. Role-based security refers to assigning permissions to different sets of users based on their predefined roles. Users are categorized according to their specific roles and are given access to resources by the permissions associated with them. This is important for enabling proper access management and ensures a structured security model with proper authentication and authorization.
  14. Is it possible to implement themes in ASP.NET applications?

  15. ASP.NET does support themes. Implementing themes in ASP.NET projects can provide a consistent application of styles and layouts across the different web pages of the .NET app. Themes are made up of CSS, skin files, images, and other such elements.
  16. Differentiate between an abstract class and an interface.

  17. An abstract class refers to a class that cannot be instantiated. It can contain both abstract & concrete methods. Interface, on the other hand, is a contract of method.
  18. Explain MDI (Multiple Document Interface) and SDI (Single Document Interface).

  19. MDI is an interface where various documents can be opened inside a single application window, each having its child window. However, SDI will only allow one document to be opened at a time with a single aa pp window.

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