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Looking to onboard a skilled Ruby on Rails developer to elevate or expand your RoR capabilities? Cypexsoft IT Solutions offers tailored hiring models designed to match your needs, providing access to top-tier talent with comprehensive full-stack proficiency. We specialize in crafting robust web applications including CMS platforms, eCommerce sites, and bespoke web portals.

  • Seamless integration of ROR with React, Reflex, Docker, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and other cutting-edge technologies.
  • Proficiency in managing tools like GIT, Docker, Heroku, Trello, and more, ensuring streamlined development workflows.
  • Utilization of RubyMine, Atom Editor, NetBeans, and other specialized ROR tools to enhance productivity and code quality.
  • Extensive experience with code versioning tools such as Git, GitHub, GitLab, and SVN, ensuring efficient collaboration and version control.
  • Advanced capabilities in integrating Ruby on Rails with various JavaScript technologies, enhancing application flexibility and functionality.

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Dedicated Ruby on Rails Developers for Hire

Are you embarking on a new project or seeking certified developers to augment your current team? At Cypexsoft, we offer skilled Ruby on Rails developers who can fulfill all your project needs through our adaptable engagement models. Choose from our roster of top RoR developers at Cypexsoft, including:


Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

  • 4+ Years of Ruby on Rails Experience

  • 5-6 Project Managed

  • 1200+ Development Hours Completed

  • Suitable for General Level Projects


Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Developer

  • 5-8 Years of Ruby on Rails Experience

  • 8-10 Project Managed

  • 1400+ Development Hours Completed

  • Suitable for General Level Projects


Ruby on Rails Project Manager

  • 8+ Years of Ruby on Rails Experience

  • 10-12 Project Managed

  • 1800+ Development Hours Completed

  • Suitable for General Level Projects

Advanced Ruby on Rails Integrations by Our Proficient Developers

Our backend developers bring extensive expertise in seamlessly integrating Ruby on Rails with a variety of popular tech stacks to craft bespoke web applications tailored to your project specifications. Elevate your full-stack project with the expertise of our RoR developers, sourced from the industry's leading Ruby on Rails development company.

Ruby on Rails + React Developer for Hire

Enhance your web application's performance and reduce server response times by hiring our skilled Ruby on Rails developer who brings extensive full-stack expertise to the table.

Ruby on Rails + VueJS Programmer for Hire

Empower the backend of your project with the robust Vue.js frontend framework by hiring our proficient Ruby on Rails developers.

Ruby on Rails + Docker Expert for Hire

Leverage the expertise of our top Ruby on Rails experts to Dockerize your project, streamlining your web development processes across diverse cloud environments.

Ruby on Rails + PostgreSQL Masters for Hire

Partner with our dedicated Ruby on Rails developers to seamlessly integrate and optimize your Ruby projects with the powerful, scalable, and cost-effective PostgreSQL database.

Ruby on Rails + MongoDB Coders for Hire

Access skilled Ruby developers adept at integrating MongoDB into your custom Ruby on Rails application development projects.

Ruby on Rails + Angular Developer for Hire

Build scalable, robust, and secure web applications by hiring our experienced Ruby on Rails developers proficient in Angular as the client-side MVC and Ruby on Rails as the server-side MVC framework.

Need Multiple Profiles?

Hire Our FullStack Ruby on Rails Developers

From Ruby on Rails packages to entire Production,
our professional Ruby on Rails Engineers possess strong exposure in every segment of development.

Elevate Your Ruby on Rails Team for Just $20/hr

Upgrade your development capabilities with CypexSoft top-tier Ruby on Rails Developers for hire at the most cost-effective rates possible to match your hiring requirements under your determined budget. Hire dedicated Ruby on Rails Developers from Cypexsoft with our flexible hiring model on a Full-Time, Part-Time or Hourly basis.

Hourly Hiring

Start work in 48 hours


8 Hrs/Day

Minimum Days

30 Days



Full Time Hiring

Start work in 72 hours


8 Hrs/Day

Minimum Days

30 Days



Part Time Hiring

Start work in 48 hours


80 Hrs/Day

Minimum Days

30 Days



Range of Services Offered by Our Ruby on Rails Developers

Our team of developers possesses extensive expertise in diverse aspects of web development technology. They are proficient in crafting bespoke RoR projects tailored to your specific requirements. Engage with our elite Ruby on Rails developers, selected from the top 1%, to empower your distinctive web solutions promptly.

Ruby on Rails Web Experts

Engage our team of Ruby on Rails web developers at Cypexsoft for tailored website solutions that precisely meet your project requirements.

Ruby on Rails Mobile App Solutions

Utilize our Ruby on Rails mobile apps developers to create native and cross-platform mobile applications, ensuring low-maintenance solutions for your business.

Ruby on Rails
eCommerce Developers

Elevate your eCommerce ambitions with our specialized Ruby on Rails eCommerce developers at Cypexsoft, whether it's a new project or a rebranding endeavor.

Ruby on Rails CMS & Web Portal

Partner with Cypexsoft's Ruby on Rails programmers to build interactive CMS platforms and web portals that deliver optimal ROI for enterprise needs.

Ruby on Rails Hosting Solutions

Consult with our Ruby on Rails experts to secure reliable hosting solutions tailored for your RoR projects, ensuring seamless performance.

Ruby on Rails Ajax Solutions

Leverage the expertise of our skilled Ruby on Rails developers to create intuitive and highly responsive Ajax solutions, enhancing user experience.

Ruby on Rails Consultation

Seek guidance from our senior Ruby on Rails consultants for result-driven web solutions, resolving any project-related challenges effectively.

RoR Support / Maintenance/ Testing

Entrust our Ruby on Rails developers with ongoing support, maintenance, and testing services to enhance functionality, address bugs, and support users effectively.

Proficiencies and Competencies of Our Ruby On Rails Developers

At Cypexsoft, our recruitment process for backend developers is meticulous. Our carefully selected Rails developers undergo continuous rigorous training to stay abreast of the latest Ruby on Rails coding methodologies, ensuring the delivery of exemplary RoR solutions. Here are essential skills that characterize our RoR talent:


Skills of our Ruby On Rails Developers

  • Thorough comprehension of Ruby on Rails syntax and conventions
  • Competence in crafting, refining, and validating web applications using Ruby on Rails
  • Capability to seamlessly integrate backend functionalities with frontend interfaces
  • Proficiency in evaluating and enhancing Ruby applications for optimal performance
  • Proficiency in CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript for robust web development
  • Demonstrated proficiency in creating both bespoke and automated test scenarios
  • Familiarity with Mocking, MVC architecture, and RESTful APIs
  • Skill in integrating diverse databases and data origins into unified systems


Skills of our Ruby On Rails Developer

  • Proficiency in verbal and non-verbal communication, essential for effective team collaboration.
  • Leadership qualities encompassing self-awareness, integrity, empathy, learning agility, and respect.
  • Capability to comprehend and address client needs promptly and effectively.
  • Aptitude for fostering positive interactions and collaboration within the team.
  • Openness to receiving and implementing constructive feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Effective time management across diverse tasks and priorities.
  • Commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements in Ruby on Rails technology.
  • Adherence to best coding practices and standards in Ruby on Rails development.
  • Experience utilizing various communication tools for efficient project management and collaboration.

Hire Dedicated Resources

To Build Development Team

Flexible Hiring Models | Cost Effective Rates | No Long-term Lock-Ins

Hire Dedicated Talents

To Scale Development Team

Flexible Hiring Models | Cost Effective Rates | No Long-term Lock-Ins

Roles & Responsibilities of Ruby On Rails Developers

When engaging Ruby on Rails developers from Cypexsoft, you are assured of industry-grade standards and quality. We endeavor to exceed your expectations regarding the contributions of our hired RoR developers. Below is a comprehensive list outlining the roles and responsibilities upheld by our web development experts:


Develop robust, scalable, and highly secure RoR projects


To discuss and understand project requirements from clients


Writing and maintaining clean and concise code


Staying updated about the latest Ruby on Rails tools and best practices


Provide full-stack Ruby SDLC services


Follow test-driven development approach


Have experience in working on SCRUM, Agile, & other industry-grade approaches


Scaling and descaling projects as per client’s needs


Providing timely work updates to the client on deadlines and submissions

Tech-Stack Proficiency of Our Ruby On Rails Developers

Our seasoned Ruby on Rails developers adhere rigorously to RoR coding best practices and possess a deep understanding of ruby development fundamentals. Additionally, they boast a proven track record in harnessing leading-edge RoR developer tools to enhance project quality and significantly streamline time-to-market.


  • Rails
  • Roda Ruby
  • Crepe
  • Hamani
  • Sinatra
  • Cuba


  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • MariaDB
  • SQLite


  • Bullet
  • Rails Admin
  • Webmock
  • Kaminari
  • Rubycritic

Debugging & Testing

  • Rspec
  • MiniTest
  • Copybara
  • FactoryBot
  • Traceroute

Cloud Services

  • AWS
  • Heroku
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Aruba Cloud
  • OVH

Other Tools

  • GIT
  • RVM
  • Docker
  • Elasticsearch
  • Chef
  • PaperTrail

Unlock the Potential with CypexSoft Ruby on Rails Developers

As a leading IT Company, accredited by esteemed platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms, we're dedicated to delivering extraordinary digital experiences. Our mission? Crafting functional, user-centered apps tailored precisely for your success.Why Choose Us?

  • Swift access to pre-vetted, seasoned Ruby on Rails Developers.
  • Time-zone flexibility ensures seamless collaboration.
  • Flexible Engagement and Hiring Models as per your requirements
  • Customized Engagement and Hiring Models to match your unique needs.
  • Rest easy with complete confidentiality, backed by signed NDAs and full code ownership.
  • Embrace Agile Development methodologies, featuring sprints and transparent Project Updates.
  • Unlock cost-effective talent with our Ruby on Rails Developers, available at a quarter of the market price.
  • Enjoy reliable maintenance and support services post-deployment.
  • Effortless Migration Services streamline transitions for you.

Hire Ruby on Rails Developers Comparison: CypexSoft vs. In-house vs. Freelancers

hire remote developers With Cypexsoft, you're not just hiring developers; you're securing a partnership backed by a signed NDA, complete code ownership, and a Service Level Agreement. It's the perfect blend of expertise and assurance for your Ruby on Rails project. From Cypexsoft and gain access to MCSD-certified Ruby on Rails programmers who adhere to industry-grade management approaches like SCRUM, AGILE, and Waterfall. These developers employ Ruby on Rails development best practices and ensure the timely completion of milestones.

Hiring ModelFull TimeMonthly, Part Time & Full TimeWeekly, Hourly
Time to Get Right Developers4 - 12 weeks1 day - 2 weeks1 - 12 weeks
Time to Start a Project2 - 10 weeks1 day - 2 weeks1 - 10 weeks
Recurring Cost of Training & Benefits$10,000 -$30,00000
Time to Scale Size of the Team4 - 16 weeks48 hours - 1 week1 - 12 weeks
Pricing (weekly average)2.5X1.5X1X
Project Failure RiskLowExtremely low, we have a 98% success ratioVery High
Developers Backed by a Delivery TeamSomeYesNo
Dedicated ResourcesYesYesNo
Shadow ResourceCostlyYesNo
Project ManagerExtra CostMinimal CostNo
Quality Assurance CheckExtra CostAssuredNo
Query SupportHigh24 Hours AssuranceNo
Tools & EnvironmentDepend on TeamHighUncertain
Agile Development MethodologyMay beYesNo
Impact Due to TurnoverHighNoneHigh
Structured Training ProgramsSomeYesNo
Termination CostsHighNoneHigh
Assured Work Rigor40 hrs/week40 hrs/weekNot Sure

Gain the Ruby on RailsTechnological Edge

Choose Us as Your Ruby on Rails Developers from CypexSoft

Hire Ruby On Rails Developers in 4 Easy Steps

Choose yourEngagement Model

Select the ideal engagement model based on your project requirements – whether Full Time, Part Time, or Hourly.

Screen & SelectRuby On Rails Developers

Carefully choose candidates who align best with your project needs and proceed to the next stage.

Conduct One-on-One Interview

Conduct thorough interviews with selected candidates to evaluate their skills through theoretical and practical assessments.

OnboardRuby On Rails Developers

Once your preferred candidate is finalized, they will join your team swiftly, typically within 24-48 hours of confirmation.

Guide to Finding & Hiring Ruby on Rails Developers

When embarking on the quest to find and hire Ruby on Rails developers, navigating through potential challenges is crucial. Accessing a comprehensive Ruby on Rails developer hiring guide can aid in addressing critical considerations, such as:

Steps to consider before hiring Ruby on Rails Developers

Before embarking on the journey to find Ruby on Rails developers, be clear about –
  1. 1. Your project requirements and goals.
  2. 2. Understanding specific skills needed for your project
  3. 3. Determining the level of experience and expertise required
  4. 4. Estimating your budget constraints
  5. 5. Deciding on working arrangement – Full-Time, Part-Time or Freelance

How & Where to Find the Best Ruby on Rails Developers for Your Team?

Now that you are better prepared on your end, you can start your quest to find and hire Ruby on Rails developers to build your dedicated development team –

  1. 1. Make use of job boards & dedicated platforms that host Ruby on Rails developer profiles.
  2. 2. Attend Ruby on Rails community events & conferences
  3. 3. Engage online with Ruby on Rails communities and discussion forums
  4. 4. Leverage professional networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter & others.
  5. 5. Consider availing IT staff augmentation services from a professional Ruby on Rails development firm

How to Assess Ruby on Rails Developer Technical Skills?

When assessing Ruby on Rails developer profiles, assess their technical expertise by ensuring they have -

  1. 1. Proper understanding of Ruby on Rails syntax.
  2. 2. Proficiency in writing, developing, and testing web apps in Ruby on Rails
  3. 3. Ability to integrate backend components with front-end
  4. 4. Expertise in assessing and improving existing Ruby applications
  5. 5. Expertise in CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript
  6. 6. Proven experience in writing custom and automated test cases
  7. 7. Knowledge of Mocking, MVC, RESTful
  8. 8. Ability to integrate various databases and data sources in one system.

How to Assess Ruby on Rails Developers Soft Skills?

With technical skills, soft skills are equally important for finding the right Ruby on Rail dev profile who can communicate their inputs with the team, and understand client requirements and provide their inputs and consultation -

  1. 1. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  2. 2. A reliable, curious, and proactive approach to ROR challenges
  3. 3. Ability to interact, discuss and plan with teammates
  4. 4. Ability to understand and respond to client concerns and feedback
  5. 5. Important leadership skills like self-awareness, integrity, empathy, respect, and learning agility
  6. 6. Proven experience in writing custom and automated test cases
  7. Proper and Crisp Documentation

How to Assess Cultural Fit?

Cultural Fit refers to the cultural impact they can have on your organization. You would want to check the alignment of their beliefs, values, behaviour and approach to the task at hand. Some traits you would want to look for can include – working with a team, knowing how to handle conflicting views and being responsible and accountable for their own tasks. Here are some pointers to assess cultural fit level of a Ruby on Rail developer -

  1. 1. Understand their work preferences and values.
  2. 2. Evaluate if their working ethics and style aligns with your team’s culture.
  3. 3. Assess how they approach challenges and conflicts.

Check Their References

Always check references. No matter how reputed, or how new the development firm is, chances are they must have at least 1-2 projects in their bag. They could be ongoing ones too, but talking to the other clients they are working with can help you get a better understanding of their work ethic, technical expertise and other such important factors.

  1. 1. Ask the Ruby on Rails dev company for a list of references.
  2. 2. Contact previous employers or colleagues.
  3. 3. Inquire about their work ethic, reliability, and collaboration.

How to Make an Offer [Ruby on Rail Job Contract FREE Template]:

Once you have selected a couple of Ruby on Rails dev profiles you want to potentially onboard and hire, you should provide them with an initial offer. Here is a quick guide on how to make an offer to a Ruby on Rails developer you want to hire -

    Here’s how you can check their references –

  1. 1. Ask the Ruby on Rails dev company for a list of references.
  2. 2. Contact previous employers or colleagues.
  3. 3. Inquire about their work ethic, reliability, and collaboration.
  4. Ruby on Rails Job Contract Outline

I. Outline Employment Term
What to IncludeSub-details
Position DetailsJob Title, Job Role, Project Details
Work ScheduleDefined working hours, working days, and leaves entitlement.
LocationOn-site, remote, or a combination of both.
Start DateDefine expected start date
Duration of EmploymentPermanent, Contractual or Temporary
II. Salary and Other Perks
What to IncludeSub-details
SalaryExpected Salary, Frequency of Payment
BenefitsHealth insurance, Retirement Plans, Paid Leaves, Vacation Days & other Perks
Bonuses & IncentivesPerformance Based Bonuses, Employee Referral Incentive and other such monetary perks.
III. Job Contract
What to IncludeSub-details
Job DescriptionDetailed Job Description which includes Key Responsibilities, Expectations and other required skills.
Terms and ConditionsClearly outline the Terms and Condition of Employment. Make sure it includes – Termination Clauses, Probation Duration, NDA and Non-Compete Agreements.
Confidentiality AgreementAdd a confidentiality agreement to protect the company's sensitive information if needed.
Dispute ResolutionSpecify how to resolve a dispute if one ever arises between the employee and employer.
Legal CompliancesMake sure the job contract complies with relevant employment laws and regulations.
IV. Final Steps and Contact Information
What to IncludeSub-details
Test Project/ Pilot TaskProvide topic and submission deadline for any test task (if any).
Legal PaperworkAsk the candidate to provide all important documents to start onboarding.
Contact InformationProvide a PoC – Point of Contact to whom the candidate can reach out if they have any queries.

Hire Ruby On Rails Developers - Interview Questions

    What is the MVC Architecture? How does Ruby on Rails implement it?

  1. MVC is an architecture pattern that stands for Model-View-Controller. The purpose of this architecture is to separate the application into three different components –
  2. Discuss the key elements of the Ruby On Rails framework.

  3. The CLR is one of the most important elements of the Ruby On Rails framework. With CLR, a Ruby On Rails developer can manage app memory, ensure code security, and integrate cross-languages. Another important aspect of the Ruby On Rails framework is the Framework Class Library, also known as FCL. It is a huge repository of reusable classes for applications across different languages.
  4. Ruby on Rails implements MVC architecture by convention. Ruby classes behave like models that interact with the database. Views handle the presentation layer and Controllers are used for managing user inputs and application flow.
  5. How does ActiveRecord work in Ruby on Rails?

  6. ActiveRecord is a dedicated ORM(Object-Relational Mapping) layer for Rails. It is used for establishing interaction between Ruby objects and database. Models in Rails inherit from ActiveRecord for gaining methods like ‘load’, ‘save’, ‘find’ and ‘create’. This makes database interactions much easier and improves code readability.
  7. Can you explain the difference between “has_many” and “has_one” associations in Rails?

  8. Yes, “has_many” indicates one to many associations. For instance, a User ‘has_many’ Posts indicating a single user can have multiple posts. Whereas “has_one” is used for establishing one-to-one association. For instance, a User ‘has_one’ Profile. Which means each user has only one Profile associated with them.
  9. How do you optimize Ruby on Rails performance?

  10. There are many ways to optimize Ruby on Rails app performance. You could try caching strategies like page, action or fragments to reduce the overall number of database queries. Alternatively, you could try Database Indexing for retrieving frequently queried columns faster. Code refactoring and codebase optimization is also a continuous effort that could improve performance significantly.
  11. What are the advantages of using RESTful routes in Rails?

  12. RESTful routes are included in Ruby on Rails development best practices because it provides a standardized method of handling CRUD operations. It provides a highly scalable and comprehensive API design. Also, since it promotes convention over configuration, it makes the code more predictable and ready to use without much configuration.
  13. How do you handle background processing in a Ruby on Rails application?

  14. Background processing is important for handling tasks asynchronously. Doing so will lead to a responsive user experience. For Rails, I often leverage background job processing libraries like Delayed Job or Sidekiq. Using these gems allows me to offload time-consuming tasks to another queue, freeing up the main app’s thread for handling user interactions.
  15. How does Rails handle database migrations?

  16. Migrations are a poweful feature in Rails. It allows developers to incrementally evolve the database schema with the changes to the application code. Each migration has up and down methods for applying a rollback to the change. Migrations are generally written in Ruby using a DSL provided by ActiveRecord.
  17. What is the importance of testing in Ruby on Rails. What testing frameworks are commonly used?

  18. An abstract class refers to a class that cannot be Testing is important for any software built in any programming language. Ruby on Rails is no exception. We should test Ruby on Rails application for ensuring its stability and reliability. As the app scales and grows with more models, controllers and business logic, we need to conduct proper testing to find and fix bugs, and validate all parts of the app work as intended.

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